Our story

Cozier was founded by two best friends because we couldn’t find pajamas that made us feel confident and cozy - everything was too sexy or too cutesy, and there were no brands making sleepwear that considered their social and environmental impact as a priority. We set out on our journey to create a better option.

Our mission

To push sustainable manufacturing boundaries, educate consumers through radical transparency, and create beautiful, multi-purpose products that inspire you to live freely.

Ethical, not sustainable

Fashion is inherently not sustainable. In an industry that thrives off newness and consumption, we believe the most honest and transparent approach is to make ethical choices at every step of our supply chain without leveraging “sustainability” as a marketing stunt. We’re committed to minimizing our social and environmental impact because it’s our obligation, not because “sustainable” brands are buzzworthy.

Ethical production means paying our factory workers a living wage. It also means sourcing fabrics that are environmentally responsible. We use the highest quality flax linen, which requires up to 20x less water to produce than cotton, and by using all parts of the plant nothing goes to waste. Plus, flax is compostable, biodegradable, and naturally helps regulate your body temperature, ensuring you’ll get a better night’s sleep.

We’re committed to domestic manufacturing in order to ensure the highest working and living standards for all our production partners. All of our garments are handmade in Los Angeles, where our factory pays all its employees a $15 minimum wage. Producing in Los Angeles also allows us to cut carbon emissions by reducing long-distance transportation between different phases of production—it all happens in the same city (where our founders grew up). We save and re-use all our garment scraps, so nothing goes to waste. We don’t use plastics in our manufacturing process and all garments are sent to customers in compostable packaging.

It’s a journey, and we’re constantly striving to find new and interesting ways to minimize waste and produce ethically.