is for Cut the Crap

  • Ethical production means living wages, humane working conditions, smaller batches
  • Mass consumption, fashion included, is inherently unsustainable - we believe consumers should be informed & educated about what brands are actually doing to work toward sustainability.
  • In addition to low-hanging fruit (carbon offsets, recycled packaging, recycled materials) we’re creating high quality, multi-purpose sets built to last
  • Water used for dyeing our fabric is recycled and offset with Project: Solar Water
  • Excess fabric from cut & sew is recycled and turned into Green Energy
  • Long term, we’ll move to made-to-order 3D knitted lines for optimized efficiency and zero waste

Ethical production goals

  • Dead stock line - use leftover fabrics as opposed to manufacturing our own
  • First batch 3d knitted line - made-to-order 3d printing reduces waste and resources
  • Investment in 3d knitting machines - produce our own lines and white label
  • Converting to climate beneficial farms as fabric suppliers
  • Localizing production, using climate beneficial farms and 3d printing machines to start made-t0-order line that minimizes waste, shipping costs and pollution, and need for storage facilities.
  • Full vertical integration - expands beyond our pajama company. Hoping to raise capital to build geo-specific, localized production across USA. From farming to printing to distribution of products, where carbon neutrality is at the core of each step of production, rather than relying on carbon offsets after the fact to “neutralize” our emissions.