Leisurewear Made of Recycled Fabrics

Caroline Huber

We’re excited to introduce our newest leisurewear line, made entirely of deadstock fabrics!  Deadstock fabrics are surplus fabrics produced by fashion houses and fabric manufacturers who’ve overestimated their needs. Historically, these fabrics were treated as waste and thrown into landfills, but we’ve chosen to repurpose them. Ethical production is central to everything we do, so re-using existing fabric rather than buying virgin materials was an exciting opportunity to further reduce waste. Inherently, quantities of deadstock fabrics in these particular styles are limited, so our new drop is one of a kind and in short supply. We plan to drop more deadstock...

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Introducing Cozier

Hilary Dubin

Sleepwear for life. Rise and shine, today’s the day you can finally sleep Cozier. After over a year of designing, sourcing, tweaking, and tweaking again, we’re excited to announce that Cozier is now open for a small batch pre-order, just in time for the holidays.  During summer 2020, while we (Hilary and Caroline) were hunkered down in our childhood homes in LA, we realized we couldn’t find the perfect sleepwear. We wanted something that was multipurpose–garments that were versatile enough to go from the bedroom to a zoom call, and something we felt confident leaving the house in.  Nothing fit...

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